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(PT Lauren , Mr. Mike)

To hate all the birds and dolls in me is good for brotherhood

But checking out what you cannot see can never be good

Burning the flag is selling out though fun on mondays

Summers here anyway , so fuck the spring

Look at these guys in the form of god , they really want you

Macho guys cant feel real odd , they dont really have to

For miracles that wont crack in five they got all the answers

Something must give

Same love for memories , same jerk for love stories

But dont smile , kill for glory , true men cant feel sorry

They touch you while you sleep

Rape you while you dont

They change you and everythings too real

And they want you to feel like them boys of steel

While hiding out from those crazy jerks that want my body

Im learning about the world and the way that it works, Im getting


I turn myself in for a peace of mind : I wasnt caught , see

And now that I got these shields : Dont fuck with me

Selfish /

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