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Summary Takaisin Back

(PT Lauren , K-Dee)

Heres susie , little susie with her dimples ,

her curls and her jewels

Everyone must like her , because relish rules

Wake her up and she will surely make it worth your while

Check her out and youre a bonus for this glumsy child

This snowy,snowy white-me

Hates naughty,naughty girls like you

Youll see her as I walk under neon light

Fuck , shes always right , youll see

(though its hard to see)

Now whatcha telling me

(both of these guys are me)

Are you all too free

To reconcile and understand what they see,

That theyre really me

Jimmy , little Jimmy is too big and hes bold but not cruel

Hes just curing me with his every single rule

From all the good things the bad things from mtv

I dont react at all , hip-hip-a-fucking-hurray

The yippikaiaeou-things too shy

But not this tragic thing called an eye for an eye

Youll see him as I walk under neonlight

Fuck , hes always right , youll see

Summary Takaisin Back /

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