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A Hundred Oceans

If you should call my name

I will always hear you

There wherever you are

If you reach out your hand

Mine will always find you

I will be there

There, no matter how far

Nothing can stop my love

If you need me around

No, oh

Nothing can hold me back

Or hold me, hold me down

Na na no, no no


A hundred oceans

Couldn't keep me from you

(Couldn't keep me baby)

never keep me from you

A thousand mountains

There would just be no use

(Never stop me baby)

I'd still be there for you

I'd still get to you

somehow, someway

(Nothing can stop me)

not even a hundred oceans

If you should miss my touch

And your nights are lonely

I will come to your side

Anywhere you can go, you can

always find me

I will be there

there's no river too wide

Nothing can stop my love

No fire, no wind, no rain

Nothing can slow me down

Or block my, block my way

no no no


A million miles come between us

I don't care

I'd walk them all

If you need me to be

beside you

I'd do anything I had to do

be there for you

whenever you call!


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