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You Chase The Light

You Chase The Light


You get out of my head now, honey

You get out of my head

You and your colors

You and your painting

I can forget you


You stay out of my way now, honey

You just stay out of my way

This is my Grace Coast

This is my homeland

You're always coming and going

But I always comeback

I am drawn to this place

As I'm drawn to you

As I'm drawn to you

As I'm drawn to you

A moth to the light

To the light

Let's talk about your freedom

Talk about my lack of it

Let's talk about my feelings

Talk about your lack of them

You preach such beauty

You miss the point

You go down with your friends every day

You go down to the sea

Light on the water

For the light on the water

I work the whole day

You chase the light

Look out there!

Can't you see what I see?

Go paint the ladies on the beach

They mean nothing to me

They are part of the scenery

I don't know why you go on this way

With crinolines and parasols

To shade their beautiful faces

From the sunlight that you love so well

I love you more, I love you more

Isn't that funny?

No, I don't think that's funny

I think it's funny

So, you get out of my head now, won't you

Just stay out of my head

Move down the coastline

Move to a new town

And don't say you love me

What does that mean?

I don't want to keep you bottled in my glass

You are a free moth

Go chase the light

You Chase The Light /

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