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Revolving Man

Revolving Man


Ah, revolving man,

don't you ever get ahead?

All your days are spent

in catching up the rent.

Ah, revolve, revolve -

don't you ever get a Sunday

to read the paper and

jump into leaves or water?

You're laughing

Of course I'm laughing -

I'm happy

to revolve around my children,

to revolve around my love.

Ah, revolving man,

don't you ever want to cry?

All your nights are spent

in catching up your breath.

And the children need -

well, they're always needing something.

Growing out of clothes

they grow into yesterday.

You young ones don't believe in nothing

but freedom from yourselves.

Where are you getting ahead to?

It's I who am sorry for you.

And 'God is in His Heaven,

All's right with the world

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