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Take away my eyes

Don't want to see

Shut away my ears

Can't stand to hear the screams

I've become desensitized

Can't sift the truth out of the lies

Don't understand what's happening to me

When will I finally realize

I've become desensitized

Scope of reality decays

I've seen enough

Please turn it off

Lost like an orange

Caught in the works of this clock

This is a disease, you want to dissect

I won't submit to you, full up of the test

My mind is cracking, a ten ton test

I must push upward, never let it rest

Push me ever further, shove, pobe, and prod.

I'm your humbloe servant, hold my life for me lord

Please, shut off the box

I'll hold my breath, 'til I turn blue

A suicide in venin

Blamed on you

Observe /

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