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My pain, your gain, pleasures your when I rot inside

This past, can't be, I've swallowed my foolish pride

Left me, so scarred, you saw things that could not be

Deep in, your mind, your eyes are blind to reality

You left me tortured...

Subliminal, so criminal, your anger cries behind closed doors

Contemp, despair, can't live like we did before

You have, no feelings, you can't accept the way I live

I lose, you win, forced to struggle with a bitch

You left me tortured...

Your dreams, your life

Your soul is mine

Those things I'll take

They have no meaning

Like a flame that slowly fades

Your time has gone

Your time has gone

We've been addicted to your waste

You're sending me to an early grave

You fucked my life beyond despair

Destroyed my soul, laughing all the time

Never has my passion been returned

I thought you loved me, but I was wrong

So alone I sit in a blood red room

Lights out, as I construct my doom

I came, you went, this world around me has no place

I trust, you lie, uyou leave me full of disgrace

My dreams, my screams, my coil it breeds vitality

My body, and soul, are trapped here in imortality

You left me tortured, mentally tortured, you left me tortured

Tortured /

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