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I look at you, you look at me]

What do you see, a man or an interior being

Five hundred years oppression

lives on 'til this day

a fear of misunderstanding

divides us in every way

Can't understand, the way we live

the way we talk

the way we think

we're all the same

Understandment destroys ignorance

Please understand, the way we live

Please understand, the way we talk

Please understand, the way we think

Please understand, we're all the same

30 years ago, one man had a dream

a dream that all man, they lived equally

one day they shot him down in the streets

one man who dreamed of peace

Understandment destroys ignorance

Fighting, blood fighting for rights and oppression lives to kill

and division forms the lines that separate by violent hands

Brought to your world against our will

On lands that others have sown

Born, bred, and raised as slaves

On our backs these lands have grown

Autodogmatic /

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