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Angelic Visions

Mother, I'm lying in the dust...I've forgotten what I am

I don't know what I'll be

The day you gave me the first dawn, has been for you the last dusk

Along impassable paths I've roamed and now I sense the end

A never grown child comes back to you

A soul too tired because of living, too tired to flee away another time

...to search a new way without you

Desolated, alone...in the shadows of loneliness he stares

Only the weight of an immense void in his heart as he looks the seraphic gaze of the angel

Every step is a bitter tear, every trampled leaf a torn in his palm

Fallen in the mud he lays crying...a handful of dead leaves in his hand

...lurking to reach the statue...to touch his lost love only once more...

Only the weight of an immense void of handful of dead leaves in his hand

Slowly my body embraces the feet of this statue so cold in a november day

My flesh and my spirit finally chilled

Now I face the end...I'm part of you...I'm lost with you in an eternal embrace

The final shine of this light eternal...the spiritual union at the end

Welcome my sweet child...don't cry my son, because you have suffered too much...don't cry...

your mother forever with you shall be

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