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I Went To School For Six Years But I Never Graduated

'cause My Parents Were Poor

Now I'm Undereducated

Like So Many Others

All Over The Nation

'cause The Government Is Saving On Public Education

I Am Thirty , Male , Call Me White Trash

Standing In Line With My Pockets Full Of Cash

It Was Payday Today And I Am Going To Spend Money

On A Bottle Of Booze To Bring Home For My Honey

My Future's All Set

I Am A Part Of The Gang

I Make Money On The Street Any Time I Can

I Sell Drugs To The Kids 'cause That's What Pays

I Make A Couple Of Hundreds In Just One Day

D'you See My 'vette In The Drive

At Home I Got A Benz

I Like Speeding On The Highway

Bribe A Cop With A Grand

D'you Need A Woman

A Bitch

With A Bust Forty-Two

Just Let Me Know

Got One For You

One For The Money Two For The Show

Three To Get Ready Now Go Kids Go !


Money / KMFDM

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