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Submit And Reveal- What You Hide And Conceal

Open Up And Enable- Put Your Cards On The Table

Conquer And Define- Your Life Is On The Line

Roll-Up And Black-Out - No Time To Hesitate And Doubt

Confess And Purge- Experience Every Urge

Approach And Achieve- Strenghten Your Beliefs

Admit And Defend Your Emotions 'coz They Send Out

The Message That It's You And That's The Only Thing That's True

Safe And Secure- Never Be Too Sure

Show And Tell- Until You Go To Hell

Take What You're Being Given

Make Your Stand

'coz The Life That You're Living

May Soon Come To An End

Do What You Can- What You Want- What You Must

Feel The Hunger Inside

Hold On To Your Trust

Love And Hate- You're Destined By Fate

Play And Work- Enjoy Your Time On Earth

Only Death Is Eternal- Make No Mistake

What It All Comes Down To- Night Shall Overtake


Trust / KMFDM

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