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The Bullets Breath

"Fuck the world" is what he said

And the bullet went straight through his head

A life forsaken sufficiency

Frustration, tensions warranty

With blatant fury life is expelled

From a once so livid shell

Crisp and leathery as the bones start to show

White fungi embrace the blackened skin

Larvae plunge through the stomach wall

The process of moulding begins

Skull fractured immensely from the bullets breath

Brain pulp protrudes from the wound

Invasion of flies in the stinky pink matter

Eyes excessively pruned

Lifeless yet still full of life

Death feeds the living

Death breeds the living

Formication beneath flesh and dirt

Death feeds the living

Death breeds the living

Inhale the bullet as he wishes to depart

From this world, without a clue

Worn down to the beat of a heart

And a triggered mind to undo

Carcass lie bloated under the sun

Rotting on a dusty mound

Soul condemned to a world beyond

The sand became his burial ground

The Bullets Breath /

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