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Tides Of Vengeance

A lonely shape in a phantom court

Where wraith lights dance from dead braziers

Tortured to illuminate this immense abandon

With spectral shadows of immemorial past

Descent in plague-ridden dormancy

A lichen king of a distant cull

Stripped from grace in infamy

With a rusty crown pried from his skull

Immense upheaval as tides of vengeance flow

A charnel earth cloaked in death

The cup of fate has tipped again

Destiny carved by grim malign

Overruled through endless ages

At the bosom of the depth

Quest the calling

Through realms of hadean splendour

Emolliate the world

In a skeletal grip of betrayal

Cypress? cast last saturnine shadows

The moon will spew its final glow

Stars as corpselights snuffed on a grave

On a forgotten world dust will settle

Monarch of the apocalypse raises his chalice

To this, his ultimate sanction

Asphyxiate as darkness dances

Under bibleblack nighted domes

Tides Of Vengeance /

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