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Spawn Of The Abscess

Syringe injected into tender skin

Throat is flooded as the needle sets in

Tied down, brittle screams are choked

Vocal chord in corrosive liquids soaked

Naked scrotum stuck in a vice

Executioner snarling rolling the dice

Intestines churn at the sight of his tool

Bones merely pulverize, blood forms a pool

Canines sink into tender flesh

As buttocks give way violent thrash

In bludgeon he's slowly closing his mesh

Vivid eyes stares at the gash

Knife inserted releasing intestinal hold

Vacuum seals the steel probing bold

Twisting and turning the gleaming blade

Liver torn as the butcher unveils his hate

Bladder delivers the last cup of piss

As protruding steel waives it's tomb

Fetid gas emits with a hiss

Releasing the tension holding the womb

Blood and puss race through a soggy wound

Restless vessels exempt a rancid fume

Methane piped in a gastric tube

From which ingested faeces slowly exude

Trapped within this pointless act

Find yourself screaming, backbound and gagged

Gaffed and suspended in the grip of fear

Knowing your final hour is drawing near

Pallid skin yields to the blade

Watching your own bowels emancipate

Blood steams from the basement floor

As jigsaw buzzes rapidly to your core

Spawn of the abscess of society

Five across the eyes of sobriety

Inclined to dismemberment and heinous deeds

I prowl the comfort of your pristine streets

Spawn Of The Abscess /

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