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Thawed For Breeding

Morbid machinery, sustained monstrosity

Genetic abomination in hideous atrocity

Wrinkled body torn from formaldehyde

Placed gently on a silver bed for slowly to revive

Pipes and devices steaming, searing hot

Frost subsides undo rigor mortis knot

Raped in incubation by a bloody fingers poke

Science of damnation in sinful deeds soak

Crystallized blood regains obstructed flow

Joints crack `neath skin turned black

Pruned eyes gaze as fingers let go

Of the grip of suspension, resurrection bestowed

Torn from dormancy in the cryogenic vice

Ripe for bleeding, thawed for breeding

Bone piped thighs slowly pried apart

Scientist of no remorse revels in his art

Skin sloughed off in tatters

Probing the anaemic meat

Agonized and randomly incised

In his conceit

To his PHD of condemnation

He adds another page

As lobotomized pet mongoloids

Are cackling in their cage

Unzip into velvet revelation

Sliding up the aisle within

Ride the winds of rancid defecation

Coalesce with jellified skin

Catatonic and fertilized

Yet eyes fixed and dilated

The birthing of the undefined

Exit the perm frozen related

Thawed For Breeding /

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