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What If Im Right

You tell me she's not asking for an answer, just tryin' to live her life

But all this waitin' 'round has caused her blindness

And I'm giving up the fight

Oh, I wanna say I told her everything that we could do

But now I sit here lonely with one last thing to prove

Afraid that love might happen, convinced of a lie

Maybe I'm wrong, but what if I'm right

Should've left a long time ago, but something keeps me in

I can't stand those beautiful blue eyes longing for him

I want her to come over, I wanna feel her touch

I just want to believe that I've been worrying too much

Can't You see I'm trying, but everything is wrong

Maybe I don't belong

7 am on a monday, and he comes waltzing in

I'm scared, but a find a way to ask, "Where have you been?"

What If Im Right /

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