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On The Outside 2.1

Still dark outside the window

Fucking alarm clock, start the day in fear

It's not the fun or any sense of community

They're just trying to dull the pain

The scientists say that it's a

Different animal altogether

And driven by forces deep

Within the chest that won't let it sleep and...

See the arm is sliced and

See the taken life and

See emaciation

Little scars are showing

On the outside

So now they've grown up in these

Brilliantly beautiful sterile communities

Floating like the sleepers through the

Flowers and emptiness, the boring futility

So now they're educated

12 years of chains and lost opportunities

What they have learned is how to

Jump when the bell rings and fear the breakdown

See the pain inflicted and

See the vein restricted and

See the pain inside

Caressed, unfolded, delivered

To the outside

It's known that nothing can be done

There's just no room for the unconverted

It's known that anything is possible

But there's nothing worth doing here

See the forgotten sun and

See the forsaken ones and

See them driving cars

As big as they are, as fast as they'll go and

See the eyes turned in and

See cigarette-burnt skin and

See self-loathing love

Assumed, turned up, and used

On the outside

On The Outside 2.1 /

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