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Crawl across the floor

If it feels like something you know

Curl up in a ball

If it feels like home

Sleep as much as you can

If you can't sleep then lay there

Pick at yourself

Until you feel pure

Something's pulling you to the floor

Like a longtime friend

Someone's banging your head on the wall

As a means to an end


Filling up with sick

Like water in your lungs

Sucking yellow fog around your head

This must be the end of you

But you know this will never stop

You can't hear anything anymore

Just the hammer in your chest

Walk on through the growing noise

Of your inescapable path

Walk willingly into the dark

Nothing can touch you now

Once you were a child

The world was darker then

Fear was in the hall

But you won't think about that now

Just some warmth and a home

And an end to the task

Your doors are standing wide open

But it's too late for you now

And although it's not quite the time

Although we've just begun to leave

We will tarry not to say we were wrong

to leave behind a silent reproach

And when our eyes are searching out

And our hearts are beating strong

We'll have a reason not to grieve

With holly leaves and scanning skies

And if the colors fade into night

And the storms our heads enclose

And our souls are set against one another

If the seas receive us not

And the skies mock our lowliness

Then we shall still love one another

For we are two, together

For we are two, together

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