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Where The I Divides

Where The I Divides


Information Society

When all my homes don't feel like homes,

And the doors don't open the way they should,

When all my senses are telling me

That the situation's changed again.

It's not the miles that I must drive

Or the endless questions in my mind.

It's all the birds that I can see

And the soaring circles that they fly.

And half the world is moving on without me.

The sun goes down but I'm still standing here,

Where the I divides.

Where the I divides.

You'll find me where the I divides.

When there is no way to go ahead

Without leaving something else behind,

Where there are signs that point me on

To a shining path or a simple mind.

When all my machines have all run down

And I don't know what I'm fighting for,

There is some change inside of me and

I know I can't stay here anymore.

'Cuz half the world is moving on around me,

And I'm still standing hesitating here.


transcribed by:

Ravi Duvvuri



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