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Information Society

Johnny moved to this big town

To be who he could be.

But the tough guys on the sidewalk

They don't want him to be free.

But he knows he has the power,

He knows someday they'll be dead.

The can't get him to turn around --

He keeps walking straight ahead

'Cuz he's got attitude.

And it will get him through.

And he's got attitude,

And it will see him though.

That babe there,

She grew up with nothing but hunger in her purse.

All the fancy ladies tell her

"You'll only go from bad to worse."

But she just keeps on believing,

She tells them she's doing fine.

They get rich while she gets smart,

She's growing stronger all the time

'Cuz she's got attitude,

And it will get her through.

And she's got attitude,

And it will see her through.

Everybody knows who "they" are,

They need no address.

They make sure things are going their way,

And the country's in a mess.

As they buy that land, start that war, keep those people poor,

They don't care if people aren't

Going to take it anymore.

And they've got attutude,

And it will get them through.

And they've got attitude,

And it will see them through.


transcribed by:

Ravi Duvvuri



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