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Anthology Of Death

Blood dripping from his blade he surveys the slaughtered remains of his


There is no one who can save them from the onslaught of his merciless attack

Dissecting the street walking bitches of London and cleansing their souls

with his steel

Doctor of death with the mind of a madman can this surgical nightmare be

real ?

Yes,he's waiting there in the fog the tools of his trade at the ready

Erotic lust couring through his veins as he shudders with the pleasure of

his sadistic game

They will bleed for him ! they will die for him ! Oh god Jack is dead we

pray!! He lives !

The righteousness of a thousand priests could not condemn his soul,and bind

it to his rotting corpse so his spirit

starts to roam,through the black of night on the wings of death,in search of

a body he will possess

His evil lives on terror reigns again.Fear of violent death fills the hearts

of men

Can it still be him after all these years ? Shadow of death reliving his

moment of glory

They will bleed for him ! they will die for him ! Oh god Jack is dead we


Running and hiding you'll never escape

He's cunning and brutal one fatal mistake,he'll sneak up behind you and

sever your head

He kills with a passion makes love to his dead

Hot breath on your neck you know that your time has come

You know that your time has come...


Scream as a left click of his wrist slices your body open.Drown in a pool of

your ebbing blood as your

consciousness begins to fade.Killer driven insane by the blood

Killer over the edge with the pain he bestows. Bleed for me!

Agony surges through nerves still connected to dismember organs hacked up by

this butcher

Slaughter r

Anthology Of Death /

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