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So Far Gone

Let these be words to damn the luminous cause of the tyrannical cross,

Without mercy, let the darkness in me show faulted volumes of deceit that

have been enriched

By the lord; and may all men holy decay in the shadow that is my refusal



From the abyss that beckons my soul, from the darkest causes that logic has

forced me to endure,

From the blackest dreams of Heaven's true existence, and from the tainted

throne that will never call to me;

This is my testament, that I am never to return from the darkest places of

human reasoning, that I am never to bestow upon myself a return to the


land of clouds, angels, and thin glory,

I create my commandment, and I refuse the chosen ten.

I loathe the boundaries of the mortal man that weeps in the arms of the

Heavenly Father,

I reject the miseries therein, and I state, as I have proven in so many

passing blasphemous occasions before, I will never bow down to one man, to

one statue, to one belief, or to one thought that puts me below any


I am of one voice, but of many;

I am of one man, but an army;

I am of one opinion, but of ancient wisdom and truth;

Of destiny and dark clouds, let my causes be known, let the truth shine


the cracked faces of Christian adoration, and let them see the corrosion of

their very souls;

But for one to understand the nature of my hatred, one must know of the

Father in which my hatred is focused;

He is the father to decompose all of his peasants that swallow disease;

It is of his love that all breathing, aspiring souls will taste sickness,

shame, and death;

He harvests those he grows in the common fields of blind holiness, those to

be slain by his book;

He punishes the s

So Far Gone /

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