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Marching Through Waves Of Holy Bloodtide

of the many-venomed earth hell has risen to peneance those of he whom hath

damned us.........

waste deep in christian blood

glory in such a path to inflict such dark pain and deny all mercy

conquering in a sea of blood, here christ is not king

the righteous now suffer so long as done before to all of us here

so is this hell where you've fallen?

sink into the depths of what's holy

passed is the dawn, cursed as our kind

christian bitches die

as we pass through blood floods, i spit down onto them

looking above to see heaven

laughing and claiming victories

shedding floods of holy blood

jesus turned wine into his blood

and they drank it for salvation

now in one tide its all the same...


Marching Through Waves Of Holy Bloodtide /

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