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Embrace Thy Befallen Misery

sinner! no goodness waits for you. perish in the flames of hell.

no holy pain will ever touch my soul

what i have seen off from the lord's plea for fragile souls to offer them peace

i shall not go to his outstretched limbs; i offer my soul to no one

the cross stands before me and i laugh at its cause knowing all of its


the cross stands before me and i strike it down, so hear my words that i


"fuck jesus christ!"

embrace hell

the lord be dead to thy soul

i embrace the pain of hell

of the darkness waiting, a destiny to welcome the thought of never serving


a light, a power

i choose misery, i choose godlessness, i choose myself

fuck the standing of the lude church

the reigning power of the heavens is to be damned by my own hand

i will never see the ways of christ

i am the reason christ suffered

i am the reason christ died

i am the reason that christ will fail

that all of man told me i will burn is the reason that i must withstand

from the crown that bled his brow

to the followers that keep him alive today, i proclaim a wickedness to


his weakness

embrace thy befallen misery

fuck jesus christ

no man should stand before a god to serve

no woman a whore for holiness

no child a slave to his tyranny

christianity is a punishment to the mind and soul, a punishment that is

unfitting and illusive

i will not go

this is what i know

this is what i will burn for

hear my words

i will burn for this

i will burn for this

Embrace Thy Befallen Misery /

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