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Therapy therapy

Lost sight-I think I'm getting out of my range

Colors flash-now things are starting to get strange

Start it up-and you say you wanna get in on me, I need I need I need my

Therapy-now just relax we'll put your mind at ease

Therapy-but first you've got to say "pretty please"

Therapy therapy

Fire it up-put a little gas on the brain

All aboard-a ride on the newest thang

Chew chew-lookt out it's a runaway train, pure pain, no gain, insane it's

Therapy-and right before they dig into my mind

Therapy-the Dr. screams "let's got it's party time"

Therapy therapy

Left right left right-like every heartbeat needs a motion

Left right left right-like every wave needs a sea

Left right left right-like every teardrop needs a eyeball

Left right left right-you've got to name your therapy

Therapy! Therapy! Therapy!

Therapy Therapy

Snap pop-a sweet emotion just broke loose

Don't care-it ain't nothing I can use

Ha! Ha!-ain't it funny how we all abuse you choose, abuse, you lose now

Therapy-you know we want to help we really care

Therapy-but when your money's gone you're out of here!

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