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Rules Go Out The Window



If you want what's under the sun - you better get your

fingers 'round a gun

You can rule what's under the sun - if you get your

hands around a gun

I'm not convinced of your intention - there's more than

a point of contention

Outside is where we'll settle - I'm gonna pull out my metal

Now you can't use your college education - when you're

swimming in your own perspiration

You broke all the rules you know - now all the rules go out the window!


Let's check the score to see who's winning -

the muthafucka that ain't afraid of sinning

Makes no difference who's older or bigger - he's the

smart money 'cause his finger's on the trigger

For every person that thinks that they won't die - there's

a bullet to prove you a lie

You can try but you ain't gonna get no - NO! - 'cause all the rules just went

out the window!


Should of thought about the kickback - now you got yourself a bitch slap

Without pain, where would I be - just like you, pretty damn lonely

Now let us take a moment of silence - to commemorate our new bloody violence

It's the end of the life you know - all the rules just went out the window

Chorus (2x

Rules Go Out The Window /

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