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Yes, So The Message Goes

Like An Insect In Its Death-Throes

A Magic-Carpet-Ride To Hell

Then Back To Her With Time To Tell

A Metal-Scar On Every Face

We Walk To A Forbidden Place

Where Dirty Water Cleans The Soul

We Pour Into Another Hole

Under A Concrete-Sky

Barricades Begin To Rise

Sun And Stars Begin To Fall

A Sonic-Boom Condemns Us All

Decapitated Soldiers Fight

And Ministers Control The The Light

In Leaking Gas We Bake Our Flesh

And In The Air We Fight For Breath

Here Comes A Secret Delivery

All Aboard The Reason Why

A Broken Down Discovery

The Rules, The Rules Do Not Apply

I'm Half Blind And I'm Losing

A Picture That Is Out Of Control

I'm Lying On The Ground But I'm Moving

A Prison Being Built Round My Soul

Auf Dem Fliegenden Teppich Zur Holle Und Zuruck

Mit Ausfuhrlichem Bericht

Unter Bleiernem Himmel

Barrikaden Verdunkeln Das Licht

Kopflose Soldaten In Der Schlacht

Insekten In Todeszuckungen

Im Angesicht Verloschender Gestirne Verlassen

Uns Alle Hoffnungen


Rules / KMFDM

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