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Mock (yeah) ing (yeah) bird (yeah) (1)

Yeah, yeah

Mockingbird everybody, have you heard?

(Have you heard?)

He's gonna buy me a Mockingbird

Oh, if that Mockingbird don't sing

He's gonna buy me a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring don't shine

He's gonna surely, break this heart of mine

And that's why, I keep tellin him that's exactly

Whoa, ho, ho, I, all I know is I, I, I, I know

I do what I can

To let him know, that I, I, I, I, love him

And he's got, he's got to go

But, if I must go, he's got to take, a mistaken


That's why, I can't tell you that's exactly

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I know, is I, I, I, I know

That he knows that I care

And I, I, I, I know that he knows, he starts cryin'

Cause if that bird don't sing and ring don't shine

He's so sad, that's why, I can't tell you that exactly

Whoa, whoa....

Repeat (2)

Mockingbird /

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