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Sors de tes habitudes

C'est l'amour tout ca

Laisse toi tomber dans la tentation

Watching and waiting

Looking for a positive kind of sign

Together forever

I can't wait until that you are mine

Temptation imagine what it can do

Temptation magic that has cast a spell on you

Touching and pleasing

All these things we'll have in time

Fire desire

I can't wait until that you are mine

And I can clarify this I won't let the day mass

Nor deny you with love and attention so full

Of the right temptation

Starting with a new direction

'Cause you make me blush sigh cry and sweat

Undeniably how can you forget

That I'm so so so yeah

I'm so so delicious

Full of emotion devotion

Making the move sets us into the groove

Time on our side nothing to hide

I want your touch no turning back temptation

Temptation /

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