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Indra I've got this voice that will melt you

You got this way that you make me move that you make me feel

Oh Indra whatcha talkin' about


Kick it!

It isn't just that I want you to feel bad

Take my advice I want you to get mad

Worth it, it's not an illusion

I'm not the one causin' all the confusion

That's right you were the one that walked out

Thought you had scored a clean knock out

I'm not the one hurtin' you'll see

Now try and stop this misery

Misery is the latest game for you

Misery bad dreams will now come true

Misery is my last perfect gift to you

Misery so you think we are through

Come on dance in the house

1, 2, 3

I could call you a worm but that would be too sweet

Take it or leave it now get your feet movin'

That's right but on the street where you belong

Don't make me repeat

See what your dirty deals got you hear what I'm saying

I don't want to stop you

Get you down on your knees praying

Misery in your house will be staying

No more criticizing, so you think that we're through

Misery /

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