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Good Feeling

Got this good feeling in me.
Now that everything's feeling clear inside.
Look around, that glow is real.
Silence felt so good, inside it lay so calm.
Wind that blew some cold; now it feels a world away.
Not to try and just to be,
Someone truly special like you always were.

And when your time comes to work things out,
Your time will come to work things out,
When it flows.

A passion came to me, warmth around,
Just like you found someone.
Along side it walked with me,
Showed me to be grateful, for the way I am.
Came from deep inside.
Thoughts so real, just as the ground you're on.
Why do you want to try to be?
Look to yourself I think you'll find someone.

And when your time comes to work thing s out,
Your time'll come to work thing out,
When it flows.

Feeling horny, and just that.
You don't want my love I'll take it back.
Learned a lesson, on my knees.
I don't want your dreaded sympathy.

All I want, all I need. is some mercy for me please.
Give it up now.

Visions of me that make your face a frown.
You want to change my crooked world around.
What I got, what is in my past.
You're not able to see in just one glance.
Come down. come on, come on, come on....
She don't want nobody 'round.
She don't want nobody coming home.

And all I ask of you. is what I'd give for free.
I ask the lord for mercy.
I'm begging on my knees.
If we're to live to together, for what we hope and pray.
Then we must give each other a little love to find our way.


Good Feeling / Reef

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