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working clothes are getting colourful

dirt gets less noticable

grey facades of stone shimmering in lust

even the food is likeable

we?ve got the lord to care for us

he blinds our eyes

in spite of it we fall

coming at full speed

our aim is to curse creation

this is us waitingfor revenge

'cause of the eating of the apple

pain for konwledge

I?m looking for what everybody is looking for

the wide glare of the day

we won?t find under the roofs of our hell

my lies are lies clear like those of a child

that doesn?t want to tell grey from grey

I feel like a vandal without morals out in the dark

and I don?t want to end it in a womans arms

there are causes for everything

we love the morning and the unknowing betrayal

no heights under the rainbow

no excuses for fascination

the faller falls the faller falls

through the empty hours of his lost obsession

gestures of our lust go with the waking of the day

at the end of a night


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