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Incesticide - Silver


Mom and dad went to a show

They dropped me off at Grandpa Joe's

I kicked and screamed, said please, don't go

Grandma take me home (x8)

Had to eat my dinner there

Mashed potatos and stuff like that

I couldn't chew my meat too good

Never take me home (x8) (Alt: Grandma take me home (x8))

She said, well, don't you start your crying (Alt: Said, why don't you stop your crying)

Go outside and ride your bike

Thats what I did, I killed my toad

Never take me home (x8)

After dinner, I had ice cream

I fell asleep, and watched TV

I woke up in my mother's arms

Never take me home (x19)

I wanna be alone

Silver /

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