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 Incantation IncantationАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле брутальный дэт-метал

Disciples Of Blasphemous Reprisal

Submerged in subjugated provocation

Thy euphoric misfortune (tribulation)

Laceration upon my flesh

Diminishing lucidity unto a void of perversion

The fulfilling desolation, in flames I arise!

Possession, entraps my mortal soul

Demented, hunger of anguish I crave

The feast of 2000 years,

The sin of abomination I foresee

Damned in Christ's blood, thy soul is not of he

Catholic degeneration, unholy desolation

Perversions of the trinity,

The sign of unholy victory

Angels falling, burn eternally

666, blasphemy!

We ride as one through a sea of eternal sewage

The dawn of retribution is among thee

Fighting 'til death, annihilation is evident, obliteration.


Disciples Of Blasphemous Reprisal / Incantation

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