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 Incantation IncantationАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле брутальный дэт-метал

Shadows From The Ancient Empire

I hear the chants from ancient minds

Like the darkness caresses my essence

The intensity of crimson twilight

A twilight that will guide us to an empire...

of forever Pure tranquillity, of darkness

For true tranquillity can be found in our somber souls

Where perversions will previal

A place of unremitting shadows

Where we savor the sadness of divinity...DIVINITY

The hour has arrived When perversion will prevail

The blood red skies will infest the heavens

The chorus will guide us to paradise.

We will eternally live in so-called forsaken damnation

Indulging in the sweet hunger of temptation.

Like the darkness that caresses my essence.


Shadows From The Ancient Empire / Incantation

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