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INANNA: Uruk, I hold in my hand, descriptions of a nation

Now I can reveal the plans to elevate our station

It might require some work, but it won't be too long

Til this city is a thing of beauty, and all will sing its song

I will show you how to rule, and judge with fair solution

Introduce the custom of a sacred prostitution

I'll teach you how to write, and brew a beer of nectar

I'll teach you how to weave cloth of the finest texture

So, don't just sit there, don't just stand there

Put a hammer in your hand, there

For you know that what I say is right

If you follow my directions

Take these strings, make the connections

We can make sweet music every night

ISIMUD: Could I have a word, Inanna?

There's a question of your honor

Lady - maybe

These were taken in a scheme

You wouldn't want to cause a scene

Would you?

NINSHUBUR: Isimud, you're quite mistaken

If you think that these were taken

You must have a fever of the mind

Don't think we're intimidated

By these moves you've orchestrated

Your trickery won't work, for we're not blind

ISIMUD: I've been sent here by the God himself, with very strict instruction

To repossess the Tablets that were stolen by seduction

NINSHUBUR: I'm surprised that you would want the crowd to hear your ranting

Do you want them to think that Ea spends all his time...


ISIMUD: Would that be the crowd's impression?

NINSHUBUR: Easily! At her suggestion

They'll be at your throat in no time flat

ISIMUD: Don't think that this is the ending

INANNA: You fool! You're just pretending -

You can'


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