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INANNA: What shall I do, my dear Ninshubur

What shall I do with my life?

I don't feel the love that once ran through me

Don't feel like a goddess or wife

NINSHUBUR: In Phoenicia, they call you Astarte

That is where I think you should go

You don't have to live in this hard way

Let them replenish your glow

INANNA: But do I want to be Astarte?

Would I rather live in this hard way?

Are you telling me I should leave today?

What am I gonna do?

Will they really do what I say?

Will they kill me in their own way?

I don't want to leave, but I can't stay

Where there's no love for me

I'm not sure I can stay here any longer

I've hidden here for seven hundred years

Watching my etimmu growing dimmer

Washing in the sorrow of my tears

NINSHUBUR: They have a fine temple in Byblos

They'll feed you sweet honey and wine

They'll give you the love that you need the most

Choose quickly, we haven't much time

Whatcha gonna do, Inanna?

Where you gonna go, Inanna?

Oh, I really want to know, Inanna

Whatcha gonna do, now?

Are you gonna see it my way?

Are you gonna be Astarte?

Are you gonna die, or live today?

Inanna, whatcha gonna do now, girl?

INANNA: Do I want to be another?

Do I want to run for cover?

Even if we fly to Phoenicia

If I'm Astarte, will they love her?

Ninshubur, I'm getting kind of skeptical

In my days, in universal time

The human race might have no more to offer me

Than honey, cakes and sacramental wine

Ninshubur, a chill has just run through me

And a thought keeps racing through my mind

Will they understand, will th


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