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INANNA: Ninshubur, I think it's fine

This temple that great Anu calls Eanna

The food is great, and so's the wine

But something's missing, Ninshubur, I wonder -

Why things seem backward and simple

Can you tell me what's going on?

NINSHUBUR: My dear, you're used to towns possessing qualities

Which lend a higher station

With priests and kings, a thousand things

That make up what you call civilization

INANNA: You're telling me that there are rules

And directions required to make this happen?

NINSHUBUR: Go, Inanna, travel to the Abzu

And speak to your father-in-law

Ea's got the things you need

They are called the Tablets of Destiny

INANNA: Send a message to Ea

Let him know that I will arrive....

EA: Oh, Isimud, this is excellent

I'd like to get that queen inside my tent

You know I've had my eye on her forever

What other reason would bring her here?

Let her in, treat her well

Bathe her in the waters of the Tigris

Give her beer from an urn of gold

And prepare my royal bed of cypress

Inanna and I will talk a while, and then we'll.....

ISIMUD: Oh, great Ea, may I be so bold?

I'm worried, for I hear Inanna

Doesn't always come with pure intentions....


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