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 In The Woods In The Woodsгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

By The Banks Of Pandemonium

I urged for a walk in the garden on a tranquil

Dawn in June The silence caused by man himself

And chaos by the moon The snake was dragged

In leather black - as draped in common conscience

Aestethically he crawled away from a neighborhood

Of nonsense

Materialized a howling dog neglected by the

Captain's log and flogged into obedience

- Now he's my brother too

Down along the banks there was this brittle, little

Girl that never begged to be released into a

Derailed world Being chained to the lies of

A universal order she's now - like the snake

Dog - my innocent, pre-whacked brother

But the grass is still green

- If you know what I mean

(Just like the blood runs red

And you know you are a-dying)

With a head filled to the brim

Of their legalized lead

For when the heat becomes to heavy

They will pack their bags and leave

You easily reveal the sins of brothers so naive

(This fable is a damned one - you will

damn it, believe...)

In The Woods

By The Banks Of Pandemonium / In The Woods

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