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Smoke signal rising from my cigarette

I'm like an Indian warrior taking all I can get

You're never quite sure just how much I know

Only that they call me Chief Rock-A-Ho

'Cause I'm always thinking dirty, always thinking sin

Always moving over and sliding it in

Pumping like a diesel, stopping on a dime

I been a bad boy for such a long time

And I'm...


Feelin' sleazy dirty

Feelin' kinda mean

Feelin' up and down and in between

Feelin' kinda cocky

Feel I'm on the rise

Feel myself a coming between your thighs

You wear you war paint, it looks good to me

Hey baby why don't you step inside my tepee?

Smoke on my peace pipe, it'll make you high

You never know until you give it a try

I live for the right now day after day

I'll use you up and then I'll throw you away

I pump you like a diesel, I stop you on a dime

I been a bad boy for such a long time



Rock-A-Ho / Jackyl

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