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Kill The Sunshine

Somebody just tell me how the time gets away

And where's all the things that I held so tight in my

hands just like yesterday

I look around and everything has changed

But when I look real hard it's all the same

I get the feeling that it all just stays the same

Still I feel that there's everything to reclaim


If you could say my soul then save my ass

Cuz I'm losin' ground and I'm goin' down fast

If you can save my soul, lend me your hand

Lend me your hand

She hates to take the blame for her deeds

She loves it when she bleeds

Cuz it reminds her that she's not the only one

It makes it easy to forget what she has done

All the while the pain is growing inside

She's crying out somebody lend me a hand

(Chorus 2x)

Is anybody out there

Can you hear me now

Can you hear me

Can you hear me now

Is anybody out there

Can you hear me now

Can you lend me your hand

Yeah Yeah

(Repeat Chorus)


Kill The Sunshine / Jackyl

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