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I'm On Fire


You want it heavy

Well now God Damn

I wiegh a ton

You know that I am

A ton of fun

You know you want a piece of me

A piece of me - a piece of my

Home is on the road I like to roll then I take it

Home where the clay is red like my neck down in Dixie

Well I'm a talkin' to you now hey hey

My pockets are lined they are full of pay day

With every move I make you know the South is risin'

Say you want it heavy now

Hell Yea! Hell Yea!


A piece of my freedom

First taste of freedom gets you high

Then you crave more freedom

I got more attitude than your money can buy

Now I'm talkin' to you now hey hey

Are you ready to rumble I'm a may-lay

Fuck all the rules I never call before I dig

When I come around my friends say "Hey Big"


I don't give a damn about your haircut

I don't give a damn about your "in" thang

I walk a mile in my own pair of boots

Do you think I give a God Damn what you think

Hell No

(Repeat Chorus)


I'm On Fire / Jackyl

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