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In And Out Of Love

Yeah I’m so tired of seeing you like this

All stressed out don’t know what to do

I know I’m everything that you want and you need

So why you staying with him

When you need to be with me

Ya know well hey listen up

What did he do?

What did he say?

To make you feel this way

No way no how

He didn’t love you in the first place

(He didn’t love you no no no)

He must have been foolish

To let a love like yours slip away

So wonderful and so beautiful

He would never know, oh no, oh no

1 - What would it take to make you leave?

Cause he’s not really what you need

So go on and tell him that you wanna be with me

You’re going in and out of love

Know you had about enough

So now I don’t know what to do

Cause I’m so in love with you

Girl don’t you know

Come on and let me take your hand

Let me take you far away from him

You say your tired of him so try my love

You say you want a real man well I’m the one

He broke your heart, say bye

Girl you need to be with me

Cause I’m all you’ll ever need

Repeat 1

Don’t you know you need a man?

Someone who cares and understands

Girl you don’t need that other man

Cause I’m everything you’ll ever need

Girl don’t you know he puts you down

So tell him that you want me now

He broke your heart, say goodbye

Repeat 1

In And Out Of Love /

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