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Face It

Remembering back on your life

At a time things were different then

wasn't sure what time would bring

But you knew it couldn't be the same

The feelings you had, the power they held

Knew deep down inside no matter how you tried.

It just wouldn't last, the magic would die

You hoped it wouldn't happen, didn't want it to go away

Prayed it wouldn't happen, didn't want it to go away

Like everything else their memory begins to fade

So much time has gone away so many things had to change

Now what are you gonna do

Sit around and mope or get off your ass

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

you know you want it back but theres nothing you can do

You've got to stop living in the past

And go on with the rest of your life

It's just fact of life

You've gotta accept the fact

That things aren't going to have to stay the same

And you're not the only one in hoping they would stay

Why can't you put as much power of your feelings

Into something useful to make an effort

To overcome and make a new life for yourself

Just because things aren't the same

Doesn't mean they can't be as good or even better

Rise above the change don't let it keep holding you back forever

Once you see you can fully control your fate

Then you'll know that you should just do the best you can

And you'll find out that that it's not so bad

At least you'll know that you gave it your best shot

Face It /

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