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Erin With An E

she likes to keep to herself,

but I would also love to keep her.

she may sleep all alone

but she's not the only lonely sleeper.

when a bunch of realistic schemes seep into my daydreams

she's got the disinfectant.

when all I've gotten myself is lost she'll buy my heart at any cost,

and it's such a safe investment


I may look like clarke kent,

but I'm no superman,

I'm just a mild-mannered kid

looking for my lois lane

Whoa, I know she what I see when my eyes close

Whoa, I know when she's gone where she goes

I'd throw rose petals at her feet and feed her all that she could eat

a thousand kisses I would send her.

I'd make her be my valentine, I'd wash my mouth with turpentine,

I'd even like her if she changed her gender.


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