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Voices calling, my limbs in its grasp

No Regression like a homicidal marionette

Animated like a corrupted carnivore

A puppet meant for murder,

tempted by a twisted mind.

Oh lord, exorcise this creature

lurking in the dark windings

of my grey matter

Release me from this entanglement

of epidemic tissue,

demanding those dark deeds of death!

In my skull I'm not alone

I know it's dwelling there

Demon dominating me,

with which my mind I share

Deep within I'm oh so sure

It's lurking in my head

But I'm bold, I'm fighting back

I shall not be misled

Blood begins to surge

Turns my fear to lust

Can't deny the urge

in doublemind I trust

My control I lose

The other me is strong

There's no way to choose

To him I belong


My mind was far too weak


A victim now I seek


Not of flesh nor soul


My mind's been captured

now in its control

[Solo: kesson]

I'm a schizophrenic creature

Tracing scent of prey

I'm the puppet of my master

At the end of the endless hunt

I'm getting what I seek

Gashed by a blade in

bloodstained night

Adrenaline at its peak

[Solo: kesson]

Can't resist

Trapped by unearthborn forces

from far beyond

And those voices keep whispering,

keep hailing my hate

The urge is strong,

I know what has to be done,

when entering euphoric state of lust

The funeral choir mass

about bloodstained nights

And those voices inside

gaining in strength,

possessing my will,

I'm not my own anymore.

I've lost control of

Inside /

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