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Legions of fury

Open fire

Demonic hatred

Infernal desire

Crushing, fucking, killing, destroying

Comes the necro genocidal wrath

Tearing wings off angels

Beheading the holy son

Blasphemies profoundly piercing

Through the heart

Daemonic hordes march grim and proud

Weilding high bloodied blades

Unveil the kommand to slay and kill

Kill for kommand!

Hordes of god, you've fought to die

Arranging corpses upon my altar

Unhallowed offering to exalted one

Descending blasphemous deliverance, in the sign of the aftermath...

The conquering

Hell's bestial warfare

I am the beast, that revolves round your soul

Every creation and man must die

Heavenly realms crushed by fire and stone

Armed and ready to launch the attack

Writhing angels wingless they fall

I grimly smile slaying one by one

Summoned wardaemons deliver all blows

Devouring all in sight and around


Damnation rides burning shadows

We invert your hordes and crush your feeble


Hordes of god, you'll only die

Arranging corpses upon my altar, an eternal offering

To exalted one...

Abominate, eternal war and hate

A vision so twisted and uncontrolled

Into a reality, my legions fight

End now... this fucking cunt who lied and envisioned a promised hell

We drink his blood and stand, invicible

Tyrants of death

The end

Your dead lord was a whore

Christfuckingchrist /

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