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you ate your heart out

i'd eat it too

it burns and blisters

you want it to

i never swallow

i chew i chew

the darker berry

spit back at you

you can't take what i won't mean

it takes too long to hear you scream it

he was a troubled teen

he read a magazine

the prince wants to be a queen

suddenly the gun was loaded

it never came

i pulled the trigger

ignored the stain

tying the knot

tightens the strain

and death is worth the price of fame

i can't take what you don't mean

it makes them quiet

when you scream it

butch is pink

butch is blue

you like strawberries

i like you

i'd wear your dress

i'd burn it too

don't baby baby i'll baby you

i double meant it

you double knew

the double pleasure

i took from you

left before they came to save you

i want back the time i gave you

you were a troubled teen

you're in the magazines

the prince wants to be a queen


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