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Aggresion is what I am - my hatred

Cruelty is inside of me - my duty

Curse is the reason of your endless anguish

My justice is what let me to pass the sentence

Hypocrisy is what you are - my victim

Mayhem is waht you are - my creation

I am who you know - vexation

I am who you know - persecutor

Alone in empty room, living out of fear

Persevering to the end, left hand's magic raises

Closed my own eyes, body's gravestone cold

Hate flows from my heart, bloodlust

Sitting in the Pentagram, Christ's might is nothing


In my brain infernal names, damned mind catches spells

Rivers of my deathly pain reach, attain everyone

Loosing souls die in torment, I take revenge

All my wrath I celebrate holding sepulchral composure

Occult power attacks and conquers, crushed victims


Rotting fleshes cover Earth, hordes rise with arms

Infernal priests are ready to fight, the massacre will

soon begin

And it's my power exploding with my ruthlessly

thrashing doom

Aimless struggles of exorcists, might of spell takes


Masterpiece of destruction triumphs, the agony of pain

rends brain

Death is salvation for flesh and blood but final

torment awaits there

And demons surround the corpse, lurking with lust for


And it's my power exploding with my ruthlessly

thrashing doom

Persecutor /

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