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Love Is The Law (Love Under Will)

But what is right?

For nothing is wrong and nothing against

The virtues of liars, the vices of saints

No truths divine, no serious reply

And nothing for sure, perfection no more

No hint or advice, no pure sacrifice

Love is the law, love under will

there is no law beyond do what thou wilt

And you are a misshapen design

Whom I can easily dominate

You live in the world you cannot modify

You shouldn't love, you shouldn't hate

Love is the law, love under will

there is no law beyond do what thou wilt

I don't respect your obstinacy

In fact there's no obstacle you can resist

I hold in contempt your constancy

Your justice is obsolete

Can't I ignore your pretentiousness

Shall I tolerate your stupidity

Must I feel your self-deceit consciousness

When you are run by heard conformity

Lie to a liar for lies are his coin

Steal from a thief this easy you'll find

Trick a trickster and win the first time - But beware

of the man

who has no axe to grind

My reticence is my prepotency

And you give opinions when you are not asked

Your solipsism is ridiculous

I do unto others as they do unto me

While I represent my vital indulgence

You represent your abstinence

I give back what I got

And you turn the other cheek

Bother no one, but if someone bothers you

Ask him to stop

And if he doesn't do, destroy him

Any creature, human or otherwise

Is only as important as they make themselves

To other ones

The being that created all

Might be perfect

But when power asks why

Then power is weakness

Love Is The Law (Love Under Will) /

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